6 Pack Band

6 Pack band is a 6-piece band of talented musicians, including two singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers and keyboardists.

Six Pack Band is a band from India that performs pop music. According to the media, they are the first music group comprised entirely of hijra performers, with “hijra” translating to “transgender.”

Asha Jagtap, Komal Jagtap, Ravina Jagtap, Fida Khan, Bhavika Patil, and Chandni Suvarnakar make up the band. They’ve all supplied biographical details about themselves.

When the band formed in 2016, India was in the midst of a media frenzy and widespread public support for the repeal of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

When the band was discovered by the media, they already had five music videos on YouTube.

The band has been featured in advertising by Brooke Bond Tea.

The band was profiled in a 2020 edition of the podcast De Taali-Life of a Transgender.

6 Pack Band Members list

1. Fida Khan
2. Asha Jagtap
3. Ravina Jagtap
4. Chandni Suvarnakar
5. Komal Jagtap
6. Bhavika Patil


The band has been engaging its audience with its unique content since its smash debut in 2016 with a cover rendition of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” At the start of the first song, Hum Hain Happy, Anushka Sharma provides a voice-over. The official song of Salman Khan’s film ‘Sultan’ is titled ‘Raula Paye Gaya.’ Arjun Kapoor stars in ‘Hil Pori Hila‘. Sonu Nigam’s voice is featured in the song Sab Rab De Bande.

Asha Jagtap

The Asha Jagtap 6 Pack Band is a band led by Asha Jagtap.

Asha has endured several challenges as a member of the transgender community. Asha says this about her upbringing in a transgender community:

It has not been a nice experience in my life. The problems we confront in our daily lives are not the same as the problems that other people face. Acceptance is a problem for us. We struggle with the sensation of not being welcomed every day.”

Asha Jagtap wants to take her band, ‘6 Pack Band,’ to the international stage and make it one of the best in the world. She sees music as a natural element of her community, and she says,

We sing Badhaais (eunuchs’ songs for festivals and important events such as weddings). That’s how most of us feel about music. We’ve always been musicians, but it’s only now that others have noticed.”

Bhavika Patil

Bhavika suffers yet another traumatic experience, as she was rejected by her family. She says, “I’m sharing this awful piece of information with you.”

My family rejected me, and I was forced to fend for myself. I began working as a nurse in a clinic, but I was disappointed when I noticed that I was not treated similarly. My coworkers who had joined after me were promoted. I was never given a raise, so I had to leave.”

Bhavika, who has never been particularly fond of music, has been enjoying it since joining the band. She says of her connection to music, “

I didn’t want to miss out on becoming a part of something like this (Six Pack Band) when I found out about it.”

Bhavika’s family, on the other hand, never encouraged her to join a band like this. She continues,

When the people you care about aren’t there for you when you need them, it hurts.”

Bhavika is now so enamoured with music that she wishes to use it to effect social change, she adds.

I want to use music to effect change in society. I want people to understand what we can do as a community.”

Chandni Suvarnakar

Chandni, unlike Bhavika, feels herself “fortunate” because her parents have always been supportive of her. Suvarnakar explains:

They believed in who I was and what I did. They were ecstatic to be a part of my joy.”

She has loved music since her child. She expresses her excitement in singing by saying:

I’m not sure if I’m excellent or horrible at singing, but I enjoy it.”

Fida Khan

Fida, like Chandni, was fortunate to have her parents’ support and acceptance of her sexual orientation. They have, nevertheless, been quite limiting in nature. Fida declares-

They didn’t let me leave the house very often since the folks in my neighbourhood didn’t want me there.”

Fida is a member of the Humsafar NGO. She’s also pushing for an ashram in Mumbai for her group. Music just happened to Fida, who idolises Michael Jackson. When asked about her relationship with music, she says:

I never went to any kind of training. I used to watch movies and TV shows. That’s how I learned how to sing. “I aspire to be a soulful, melodious artist.”

Komal Jagtap

Komal, like Fida and Chandni, did not have the good fortune of having her parents disown her when she was a child. She continues, “I’m going to share this awful storey with you.”

They ceased to converse with me. But after the Six Pack Band formed, my family began to communicate with me again. I did what we do for a living in our community. I had to deal with the same issues that the transgender community in this nation does. However, the band had a significant impact on my life.”

Komal continues to live in her village despite her family’s displeasure with her. Komal explains:

I’m still a part of the community. I’m content with what I’m doing. “I am a huge music fan.”

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