Olivia Farnsworth

Olivia Farnsworth is a British 10-year-old girl who can not feel hungry, drained, and aches and the reason is her strange chromosome condition.

Personal Information

Real NameOlivia Farnsworth
Nick NameBionic Woman
Date of Birth2009
Birth PlaceHuddersfield, United Kingdom
Age12 (as of 2022)
Mother NameNiki Trepak

Olivia Farnsworth Biography

  • Lack of appetite: It is claimed that she went three days without eating. Her mother has to drive her to meals every day.
  • Insomnia: She also feels energized when she does not get enough sleep. Even as a child, she had difficulty sleeping.
  • Inability to Feel Pain: Oliva’s mother stated that she is unable to feel pain. Olivia was hit by a car and dragged for 10 car lengths in 2016, but she didn’t care, she didn’t cry, and she didn’t feel uncomfortable.

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