Tiltepec village

The village of Tiltepec is located in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. It’s among the most remote villages in the country, the only way to reach it is by foot or by horse.

It is considered one of the most mysterious villages in the world. You may be surprised to know this but it is absolutely true. The people of the Zapotec Civilization tribe live in the village. There is also a secret that when a child is born in Tiltepec Village in Mexico, it is absolutely fine. But after a few days of birth, his eyesight goes away and he too becomes blind like everyone else.

Cursed Tree

The people living in the village consider a tree to be the reason for their blindness. The villagers think that everyone, from humans to animals and birds, goes blind after witnessing a cursed tree known as Lavjuela.

Flying Insect

Many scientist says that there is no tree reason behind people’s blindness, but a dangerous and a special kind of poisonous fly (Poisonous Flying Insect) bites people’s eyesight. All the people of the village live in huts. In this community, there are approximately 70 cottages. They are home to about 300 individuals. They’re all deaf. The unique aspect of these huts is that none of them have a window. Although it thought that some people’s eyesight will fine, the remainder of the population will able to survive here.

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