unknown facts about america

Unknown Facts About America

Want to know “unknown facts about America” then you reach the right place. Consider yourself an authority on all things American. Your IQ is higher than the typical person’s, so congrats! Most people who were born in the United States are unable to accurately answer simple questions on the official U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services test.

However, there are a few fascinating tidbits about the United States that most people have never heard of. Get ready to learn fascinating facts about the United States of America as you brush up on your trivia skills. Learn more about unknown facts about America listed the below:-

1. No Official Language

If you speak any other language, you’ll be able to connect with individuals who do, too, in this melting pot of cultures. The United States is home to more than 350 distinct languages.

2. Employed by McDonald’s

Although McDonald’s isn’t the world’s largest fast-food chain, they are the most popular. Many people, from high school students to working parents and retirees. Have donned the uniform and flipped hamburgers for this same reason. In the United States alone, McDonald’s employs around 1 million people each year.

3. For the price of $2 per acre, Russia sold Alaska to the United States

What a great deal! Alaska, the country’s largest state by far, was the cheapest to acquire, costing only $7.2 million in all. More than 100 times over, America recouped its investment in just 50 years. Isn’t it likely that the Russians were unaware of the gold?

4. There is no time change in Arizona and Hawaii because of their location

Contrary to popular belief, farmers did not force the adoption of Daylight Saving Time. Almost all farmers are opposed to it. During World War I, the German Empire instituted the practice. Despite the criticism, the majority of the country — all save Arizona and Hawaii — adheres to it.

5. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, which may be found on almost every piece of tourist souvenirs sold in the Big Apple, is not true in New York City. Jersey City, New Jersey is the official location. Who’d have guessed? In October 1886, France presented the copper monument to the United States as a gift.

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